About Us

Who are we?

As the world market leader in technical foil construction for roof and facade systems, Vector Foiltec combines more than 35 years of experience with a high level of market knowledge, professional competence, innovative strength and entrepreneurial foresight.

With transparent roofs and facades made of Texlon® ETFE, Vector Foiltec has set new standards in the architecture of the 20th and 21st centuries. With our innovative technology, we face the major challenges of the coming decades such as increasing globalization, urbanization, sustainable development and competitiveness.

We offer all services from design and engineering to facility management strategies, conception and construction of structures. With our worldwide branches, we offer you first-class consultation, as well in your native language. In addition to our production facility in Bremen, we also fabricate our Texlon ® ETFE systems in Beijing, China.

What is ETFE?

For many of our projects, we use a foil made of the fluoropolymer ETFE - ethylene tetrafluoroethylene. ETFE is characterized by its particularly high robustness, its resistance to chemicals and its noise permeability. It is also transparent, UV-permeable, lightweight and flexible - truly the best choice.

Why an ETFE partition wall?

We normally only use our Texlon ® ETFE system on a larger scale. 

The ongoing spread of the coronavirus means that we have to keep distance and adhere to safety measures. Physical distancing is not easy to maintain andTexlon® Safety Shields are the perfect solution to provide safety with little impact to atmosphere and communication.

The Texlon® Safety Shields can be used in any environment where people come together.r, i.e. in shops such as bakeries and supermarkets, restaurants, schools, medical practices and waiting areas. 

ETFE film is very suitable for this protection - it is transparent, acoustically transparent, easy to clean and resistant to disinfectants of any kind.

We want to offer a quick and easy option, to create protection and thus health from employees and customers.

Our system is simple and cost-effective to give everyone the opportunity to stop the spread of the coronavirus.